It all started…


Years ago while working together. We always dreamed of having our own shop. We wanted to give great quality work along with exceptional customer service. Having a local business where we grew up was also important to us. We wanted to add value to Lafayette. 


Charlie Esquibel

Charlie believes in local and family owned business. Being a father of 4 amazing girls, he holds family values high. He's been in business for over 10 years, on top of having 24 years of experience in the industry. He was born and raised in Lafayette, CO making him a 3rd generation Lafayette native. He's always had a passion for muscle cars, and has a beautiful 1966 Chevelle. Charlie has always held exceptional quality as his highest priority, but he is still able to laugh and have fun. 


Nathan Esquibel

Nathan is most certainly a family man. He is the father of 2 wonderful girls, who he spends quality time with along with his wife Vanessa. Also a 3rd generation Lafayette native, he was born and raised in town. He's most certainly a perfectionist at heart, and will not take any shortcuts. He loves to fish and enjoys the beautiful outdoors. He loves seeing the finished product out of his work. He has a passion for taking something old that the customer isn't looking for, and making it the perfect fit for them and exactly what they were looking for.